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Video: Mohammed Omer discusses Gaza post-Operation Protective Edge

Though the Fatah-Hamas unity deal has been hailed as a breakthrough, many in Gaza are looking for a new political direction
Mohammed Omer reported for Middle East Eye from the Gaza Strip while Israel bombed the region (MEE/Alex MacDonald)

The reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of Israel's Operation Protective Edge will take many years and many billions of dollars to complete. The human cost, with over 2000 killed and many more physically and psychologically scarred, will take much longer to pay off.

The renewal of a unity deal brokered between Fatah and Hamas to end their years of estrangement, has proven controversial in many quarters and Gazans have expressed mixed feelings as to whether it will really result in a quantifiable change in their lives.

Mohammed Omer, correspondent for Middle East Eye, who reported from the Gaza Strip during the Israeli bombardment, discusses the atmosphere of the region in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, the Fatah-Hamas unity deal and what it means for ordinary Palestinians, and what political directions Palestinians are now likely to take.
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