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Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Gaza during Friday protest

Gaza health officials said that Israeli forces injured dozens of Palestinian protestors
A Palestinian man was killed by Israeli fire in new clashes on the Gaza border (AFP)

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man and injured dozens during Friday protests in the Gaza Strip, according to the Gaza health ministry. 

Health officials said that Abdullah Gomaa Abdel, 24, was shot in the stomach during a protest, as demonstrators marched demanding an end to the ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip. 

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Gaza's health ministry added that Israeli troops had opened fire, injuring 30 demonstrators.

Among the injured were four children and a paramedic, according to health officials. 

The latest deaths come amid protests following the worst fighting seen in Gaza since the war in 2014. 

At least 25 Palestinians, including two pregnant women and a 14-month-old baby girl died during the course of three days of fighting. 

The violence started on Friday 3 May when the Israeli military and Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad traded fire. Over the next two days, hundreds of rockets were launched into Israel from Gaza with the Israeli military pounding the besieged enclave with air strikes and artillery.

The fierce back and forth threatened to spill over into an all-out, protracted war, but by early Monday, a ceasefire was reached between Israel and Palestinian factions.

Fishing ban lifted

As part of the ceasefire agreement, Israel on Friday lifted its ban on Gaza fishing boats, Israel’s navy and Gaza’s fishing union said.

Fishermen can now travel up to 12 nautical miles in the southern half of Gaza, and six nautical miles in the north, COGAT, the Israeli military body responsible for the occupied Palestinian territories, said.

"Application of the measure is conditioned on the Gaza Strip fishermen respecting the agreements," AFP news agency cited COGAT as saying.

The Israeli navy often fires on Gazan boats it says have exceeded the limits.

Zakaria Bakr, an official with the fishing union, said a number of boats began fishing on Friday, the first in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Before the ceasefire, COGAT closed the fishing zone and the border crossings for both people and goods between Israel and Gaza in response to the rocket fire.

A Hamas official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP he considered the reopening of the fishing area "the first step the (Israeli) occupation must take as part of the implementation of the understandings".