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Israel-Palestine: The names of Palestinians and Israelis killed during the violence

At least 292 people were killed between 7 and 21 May, including at least 71 children and 41 women
Palestinian Suzy Eshkuntana is carried pulled from the rubble in Gaza City's Rimal district on May 16, 2021, after an Israeli air strike killed the rest of her family apart from her father (AFP).

Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas reached a ceasefire early on Friday after two weeks of violence that have left hundreds dead and thousands more injured across the region. The hostilities began amid Israeli authorities’ crackdown on Palestinians in Jerusalem, first in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, then at al-Aqsa Mosque.

According to the latest official information from Palestinian and Israeli sources, at least 292 people were been killed between 7 and 21 May, including at least 71 children and 45 women. 

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The vast majority were Palestinian: Israeli air strikes on the besieged Gaza Strip killed at least 248 Palestinians, while a further 29 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Another two Palestinian citizens of Israel have been reported killed by Israeli fire. In Israel, 12 people have been reported killed by rockets launched from Gaza by Hamas, among them two children, two Palestinian citizens of Israel, two Thai citizens, and one Indian national. One person was also killed by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon during a protest in solidarity with Palestinians.

During the past two weeks, Middle East Eye has compiled a list of names, ages and genders of  those killed, using available information from official Palestinian and Israeli sources, including the Gaza Ministry of Health, and MEE’s own reporting on the ground.

This list is far from exhaustive. The chaos that has hit the region means that many people have yet to be publicly identified; for some – especially in Gaza – the date of death has yet to be released. It has not yet been possible to ascertain exactly which of those killed in Gaza were Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, though the vast majority are thought to be civilians.

The list will be updated as more details emerge.

Friday 7 May, 2021

Members of Israeli border police patrol near the scene where Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli forces near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin (Reuters)

West Bank

Aballah Khaled Daabas, 20, M

Mohamed Ayman Fathi, 20, M

Monday 10 May, 2021

Palestinians in a morgue in Gaza devastated as they mourn the children killed in Israeli raids on Monday, 10 May, 2021 (MEE/Mohammed al-Hajjar)


Mohammad Abdullah Fayyad, 26, M

Mohammad Ali Mohammad Nusseir, 24, M

Esmat Shaaban al-Zein, 49, M

Zakariya Ziad Alloush, 18, M

Bashir Mohammad Alloush, 56, M

Raed al-Abed Abu Warda, 29 , M

Nabil Numan Dardouna, 34, M

Mustafa Mohammad Obeid, 17, M

Yazan Sultan al-Masri, 2, M

Ahmad Atallah al-Masri, 21, M

Ibrahim Youssef al-Masri, 11, M

Rahaf Mohammed al-Masri, 10, F

Marwan Youssef al-Masri, 7, M

Tuesday 11 May, 2021

Palestinians in Israel carry the coffin of Mousa Hassouna, killed during demonstrations, in Lod on 11 May 2021 (AFP).


Amira Abdelfattah Subuh, 58 , F

Abdulrahman Youssef Subuh, 19, M

Sameh Fahim Hashem al-Mamlouk, 66, M

Kamal Taysir Qreiqe, 34, M

Salim Mohammed al-Farra, 38, M

Mohammad Yahya Abu al-Ata, 30, M

Mohammad Abdulraouf Hallas, 34, M

Iyad Fathi Fayeq Sharir, 45, M

Layali Taha Sharir, 41, F

Mina Iyad Sharir, 2, F

Lina Iyad Sharir, 16, F

West Bank

Ahmad Abd el-Fattah Daraghma, 38, M


Moussa Hassona, 31, M

Khalil Awad, 56, M

Nadeen Khalil Awad, 16, F

Soumya Santosh, 30, F

Unidentified, 80, F

Unidentified, 50, F

Unidentified, F

Wednesday 12 May, 2021

Israeli mourners attend the funeral of Israeli soldier Omer Tabib, 21, in Elyakim on May 13, 2021 (AFP)


Bassem Subhi Issa, 56, M

Reema Saad Saad, 31, F

Zaid Mohammad Telbani, 5, M

West Bank

Hussein Atiyyeh Titi, 26, M

Rashid Muhammad Abu Arreh, 16, M

Mohammed Omar Saeed al-Najjar, 36, M


Omer Tabib, 21, M

Ido Avigal, 5, M

Thursday 13 May, 2021

Palestinians walk amid rubble near the al-Sharouk tower, Gaza City, after Eid al-Fitr on May 13, 2021 (AFP).


Hala Hussein al-Rifi, 14, F

Friday 14 May, 2021

An injured Palestinian is evacuated during confrontations with Israeli forces near Huwwara in the occupied West Bank, on 14 May 2021 (Reuters)

West Bank

Youssef Nawasra, 27, M

Mohammed Ruhi Hammad, 30, M

Awad Ahmed Harb, 27, M

Mohammed Adel Shegirat, 20, M

Sharif Khaled Suleiman, 37, M

Issa Barham, 30, M

Nidal Sael Safadi, 30, M

Hossam Asaireh, 20, M

Malek Hamdan, 21, M

Ismail al-Tobasi, 26, M

Nizar Riyad Marouf Abu Zainah, 24, M


Mohammed Tahhan, M

Saturday 15 May, 2021

The funeral of the 10 members of the Abu Hatab family, who were killed on 15 May 2021 in Gaza by an Israel air strike (AFP)


Maha Mohammad al-Hadidi, 36, F

Yahya Mohammed al-Hadidi, 11, M

Suhaib Mohammad al-Hadidi , 13, M

Ousama Mohammad al-Hadidi, 6, M

Abdulrahman Mohammad al-Hadidi, 8, M

Maryam Alaa Abu Hattab, 8, F

Yamen Alaa Abu Hattab, 6, M

Bilal Alaa Abu Hattab, 6, M

Youssef Alaa Abu Hattab, 11, M

Yasmeen Hassan, 31, F

West Bank

Wajdi Jaafra, 30, M

Sunday 16 May, 2021

Medical staff in Gaza pay tribute to Dr Mueen al-Alloul (left) and Dr Ayman Abu al-Auf (Gaza Ministry of Health)


Abir Nimr Eshkuntana, 30, F

Dana Riad Eshkuntana, 9, F

Yahya Riad Eshkuntana, 5, M

Lana Riad Eshkuntana, 6, F

Zayn Riad Eshkuntana, 2, M

Tala Ayman Abu al-Auf, 13, F

Tawfiq Ayman Abu al-Auf, 18, M

Ayman Abu al-Auf, 50, M

Rula Mohammad Mueen al-Qulaq, 6, F

Yara Mohammad Mueen al-Qulaq, 10, F

Hala Mohammad Mueen al-Qulaq, 13, F

Hanaa Shukri al-Qulaq , 15, F

Mira Rami al-Efranji, 12, F

Dima Rami al-Efranji, 16, F

West Bank

Tareq Snobar, 27, M

Yassine Hasan Hamad, 25, M


Shaher Abu Khadija, 41, M

Monday 17 May, 2021

The funeral of Obaida Jawabreh, killed a day earlier by Israeli soldiers, in al-Aroub refugee camp, near Hebron on May 18, 2021 (AFP)


Rafeef Murshed Abu Dayer, 10, F

West Bank

Obeida Akram Jawabreh, 18, M

Tuesday 18 May, 2021

A Palestinian youth amid the rubble of the Kuhail building which was destroyed in an early morning Israeli airstrike on Gaza City on May 18, 2021 (AFP).

West Bank

Islam Fayyad Zahda, 31, M

Mohammed Ishaq Hamid, 25, M

Adham Fayyez Kashef, 20, M

Islam Wael Burnat, 16, M


Weerawat Karunborirak, 44, M

Sikarin Sa-ngamrum, 24, M

Wednesday 19 May, 2021

Palestinian Ryad Eshkuntana checks his daughter Suzy at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, on May 19 2021: his wife and other children were killed in an Israeli air strike (AFP)


Yusef Qadir Abu Hussein, 32, M

Deema Asaliyeh, 11, F

West Bank

Wafa Abdel-Rahman al-Baraadi, 37, F


Mohammed Kiwan, 17, M

Thursday 20 May, 2021

Relatives of Muntaser Jawabreh, who was shot by Israeli troops, mourn at his funeral in Oum Dar, West Bank, on 20 May 2021 (AFP)

West Bank

Muntaser Mahmoud Jawabreh, 29, M

Undated fatalities

A nurse holds Omar al-Hadidi at Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza on 15 May 2021: he was pulled alive from rubble after an Israeli air strike which killed seven other family members at the al-Shati refugee camp


Note: Besides those named below, a further 31 casualties in Gaza are still unidentified

Yasmeen Mohammed Abu Hattab, 31, F

Ahmed Mohammed al-Sabah , 29, M

Rafif Murshed Abu Dayer, 11, F

Yahya Mansour Ghaban, 30, M

Mahmoud Mohammed al-Madhoun, 30, M

Mahmoud Hamed Talba, 13, M

Mahmoud Ramadan Shteiwi, 19, M

Bashar Ahmad Samour, 17, M

Yahya Mazen Khalifeh, 14, M

Ibrahim Abdullah Hasanin, 16, M

Bara Wissam al-Gharabli, 6, M

Hamza Mahmoud Ali, 12, M

Ammar Taysir al-Amour, 11, M

Hamada Attieh al-Amour, 13, M

Khaled Emad al-Qanua, 17, M

Lina Mohammed Issa, 14, F

Amir Rafat al-Tanani, 7, M

Ahmad Rami al-Hawajri, 14, M

Adham Rafat al-Tanani, 4, M

Mohammed Rafat al-Tanani, 3, M

Ismail Rafat al-Tanani, 8, M

Mohammed Salameh Abu Diaa, 1, M

Hur Mumin al-Zamli, 2, F

Ibrahim Mohammed al-Rantisi, 1, M

Fawzia Nasser Abu Fares, 17, F

Islam Mohammed al-Attar, 8, F

Amira Mohammed al-Attar, 6, F

Mohammed Zein al-Attar, 1, M

Buthaina Mahmoud Obeid, 6, F

Abdallah Ashraf Jawda, 13, M

Mueen al-Alloul, 67, M

Wael Abdulkarim Issa, 41, M

Akram Mohammed al-Attar, 37, M

Ibrahim Ahmad al-Shambari, 20, M

Mansour Youssef al-Darimli, 66, M

Aatef Abdulrahman al-Barawi , 48, M

Talaat Jamil Agha, 37, M

Halima Ali al-Madhoun, 66, F

Abdulrahim Mohammed al-Madhoun, 63, M

Manar Abdulkarim Baraka, 18, M

Munther Abdulkarim Baraka, 21, M

Mohammed Abdulmoneim Shahin, 27, M

Majed Abdrabbuh Saada, 58, M

Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Ammar, 38, M

Mayami Abdullah Arafeh, 50, F

Mahmoud Jamil Kulusa, 29, M

Mustafa Mazen Kurdiyeh, 32, M

Saeed Hashem al-Hatu, 67, M

Abdelsalam Mahmoud al-Ghazali, 29, M

Hamad Iyad al-Dabari , 86, M

Hassan Mohammed al-Qahwaji, 43, M

Ezzeddin Mohammed Hallas, 28, M

Jumaa Abdullah al-Talha, 59, M

Maysoun Zaki al-Hatu, 60, F

Wael Mahmoud al-Ghawla, 48, M

Mohammad Said Abu al-Atta, 32, M

Hamza Mahmoud al-Hour, 25,M

Mohammed Mueen al-Quraa, 27, M

Ahmad Walid al-Talaa, 30, M

Mohammed Ahmad Abu Amsha, 36, M

Mohammed Nahas Abu Sakran, 26, M

Abdelaziz Abdelhamid Abu Taaima, 25, M

Nader Mohammad al-Ghazali , 47, M

Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Sakran, 65, M

Hadil Khaled Arafeh, 28, F

Jamal Mohammad al-Zibda, 65, M

Mujahid Majed al-Hadidi, 30, M

Hazem Misbah al-Khatib, 41, M

Mustafa Mohammad Farhat, 26, M

Mahmoud Mohammad Fares, 38, M

Awwad Nabil Abu Salmiya, 34, M

Usama Jamal al-Zibda, 33, M

Nidal Habib Hana, 36, M

Thafer Mazen al-Shawa, 40, M

Nael Khaled al-Barawi, 23, M

Sami Said Radwan, 41, M

Muayed Taysir al-Khatib, 20, M

Manar Khader Issa, 39, F

Abdulrahman Sbeiti Azzam, 34, M

Mustafa Hassan al-Aabid, 38, M

Rafat Mohammad al-Tanani, 39, M

Rawiya Fathi al-Tanani, 36, M

Suhaib Abdulrahim Ghanem, 25, M

Hashem Mohammed al-Zaghi, 21, M

Naameh Saleh Ayyesh, 47, F

Siham Youssef Ghazara, 66, F

Sabreen Nasser Abu Diaa, 28, F

Shaima Diab Moussa, 21, F

Raed Ibrahim al-Rantisi, 29, M

Nisreen Nasser Abu Qaliq, 26, F

Khuloud Fouad al-Zamli, 27, F

Mohammed Khaled al-Tawashi, 21, M

Hussam Bakr al-Haya, 33, M

Saqr Abdulmajid al-Haya, 27, M

Hadil Mohammed Amn, 19, F

Walaa Mohammed Amn, 25, F

Warda Mohammed Amn, 22, F

Lamia Hassan al-Attar, 27, F

Moussa Ghaleb Madi, 25, M

Fayza Ahmad Salameh, 44, F

Mohammed Ibrahim Amn, 52, M

Mahmoud Mohammed Khaled, 25, M

Ahmad Mohammed al-Najjar, 33, M

Walid Zuheir Abu Shab, 23, M

Ahmed Awad al-Nedir , 37, M

Abdullah Ashraf Jawdeh, 13, M

Youssef Hatem al-Mansi, 23, M

Ahmed Hatem al-Mansi, 35, M

Mohammed Salem Abu Ayesh, 35, M

Saifeddine Abu al-Atta, 19, M

Feryal Mohammed Attallah, 40, F

Adam Mohammed al-Faraoui, 19, M

Said Khaled Abu Ghalyoun, 27, M

Ahmed Iyad Fattouh, 22, M

Tarek Ziad Abu Hmaidan, 20, M

Louai Mohammed Odeh, 55, M

Mohammed Ahmed Abhar , 17, M

Hazem Adel al-Qamaa, 48, M

Zaher Atieh Anbar, 38, M

Khaled Salem al-Masalha, 50 , M

Riham Fawaz al-Kulk, 33, F

Fawaz Ameen al-Kulk, 63, M

Abdelhamid Fawaz Kulk, 23, M

Sameh Fawaz al-Kulk, 29, M

Qusai Sameh al-Kulk, 1, M

Ahmed Shukri al-Qulaq, 16, M

Mohammed Mueen al-Qulaq, 42, M

Ayat Ibrahim al-Qulaq, 19, F

Saadieh Youssef al-Qulaq, 84, F

Taher Shukri al-Qulaq, 24, M

Ezzat Mueen al-Qulaq, 44, M

Zeid Ezzat al-Qulaq, 8, M

Adam Ezzat al-Qulaq, 4, M

Amal Jameel al-Qulaq, 42, F

Duaa Umar al-Qulaq, 39, F

Bahaa Ameen al-Qulaq, 49, F

Ameen Mohammed Hamad al-Qulaq , 90, M

Reem Ahmed Abu al-Auf, 41, F

Sobhiyeh Ismail Abu al-Auf, 73, F

Tawfiq Ismail Abu al-Auf, 80, M

Majdieh Khalil Abu al-Auf, 82, F

Rawan Alaa Abu al-Auf, 18, F

Shaimaa Alaa Abu al-Auf, 21, F

Amir Rami al-Efranji, 9, M

Yazan Rami al-Efranji, 13, M

Rajaa Sobhi al-Efranji , 41, F

Mohammed Aouni al-Zaanin, 26, M

Mohammed Youssef Abdullah, 31, M

Sameh Jihad al-Qadi, 23, M

Tarek Mahmoud al-Qadi, 39, M

Moath Nabil al-Zaanin, 27, M

Hussam Mohammed Abu Harbeed, 37, M

Ahmed Fayez Abu Arafat, 29, M

Youssef Rafiq al-Baz, 13, M

Adeeb Said al-Sourani, 43, M

Ahmed Khalil al-Loh, 24, M

Mohammed Jamal Abu Semaan, 24, M

Mohammed Hassan Abu Semaan, 32, M

Ali Walid Breiss, 30, M

Ziad Kamel Abu Diar, 54, M

Ahmed Ziad Sabah, 29, M

Mohammed Nathir Abu Aoun, 19, M


Note: Besides those named above, a further two casualties in Israel are still unidentified

Sources: Palestinian Authority Ministry of HealthTimes of IsraelArab48, Jerusalem PostABC News, Research by Mohammed al-Hajjar, Shatha Hammad, Chloé Benoist, Huthifa Fayyad and Heba Nasser.

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